Her resume of experience is as impressive as her touch. The effectiveness of her massage is enhanced with clinical analysis, intuition, orthopedic assessment, and application of techniques in myokinetics, hydrotherapy treatments, sports injury management, rehabilitative protocols, therapies of Asia, and body mechanics. 



She began her massage career after studying as an Athletic Trainer for 4 semesters working with physical therapists. She has worked with many athletes including professional triathletes at the Iron Man World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  She also has extensive experience with cyclists, paddlers, golfers, and racketball players, including athletes recovering from surgeries. She even worked with a semi-pro football team in Honolulu, Hawaii assisting athletes with pre-event taping and on-site first-aid.  Prior experience in Utah she worked on Athletes participating in the 2002 Winter Para-Olympic games and elite, celebrity clientele.  

She studied with professional trainers, Brett Lenger and Bill Levett learning muscle activation protocols designed to complement bodywork. This technique focused on increasing range of motion and finding structural weaknesses through muscle testing.  Anica then created an exclusive approach to soft tissue bodywork known as Postural Tensegrity Re-patterning ©.   


A healer at heart she taught continuing education workshops and assisted in the care of terminally ill cancer patients in conjunction with community hospice, Volunteered time in nutritional counseling, and facilitated creative pain management strategies through healing touch and massage therapy.  Anica also traveled to India with a team of American massage therapists to provide healing bodywork alongside trauma counselors in small villages affected by the 2005 East Asia Tsunami disaster. 


Beyond Anica’s training are her gifted touch, fun personality, and genuine love that brings healing to all her clients.  Anica gets excited to help her clientele learn how to be healthier and see them recover from injury and pain.


Outside of Anica’s profession, She loves spending time with her daughter in the great outdoors and learning anything about human health. She served as an Occupational Specialist and taught and oversaw the training of 2 graduating classes of Massage Therapy students at Heritage College in Kansas City, Mo.  

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Anica Brown

Anica is a Licensed Massage Therapist, an Injury and Sports Massage Specialist, an Athletic Trainer versed in body mechanics, Certified Muscle Activation Technician, and an Asian Bodywork Therapist