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Strengthen Yourself Natural Care is a place to explore your health care needs, gain awareness, and heal.


   We believe that all people should be an advocate of their own health. Together in a safe environment journey with professionals to SYNC your body, mind, and spirit. Whether it be chronic or acute illness or pain, a shoulder you wish to prevent surgery on, reoccurring migraines, nerve issues, PTSD or other stress-related issues; sugar addiction, digestive issues, or other diet-related illness; aesthetics, acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, or other skincare related issues; you don't understand what's going on, whatever it might be. This is the place to come explore your options, receive the guidance that gets to the source and learn to tap into your inner physician as well as discover the miracles for your body from professional healers that are both trained and gifted.

Heber City Massage Therapy, Skin Care, 
 Health Coaching & Energy Work

"When we see Clients beat the diagnosis,
change the predicted outcome and live a healthy, joyful, fulfilling life, our lives are truly blessed!"

- Mary (Owner)

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Massage Therapy

Energy Work


Nyle Webb, Rodeo

(Heber, UT)

I came to you 3 years ago,

2 weeks prior to surgery on my shoulder,

I never had that surgery and

I've been coping without pain ever since.

You know what you are doing. I'm grateful.

Phil Swindler

(Provo, UT)

After an injury to my C1 I have had 24/7 headaches for 14 years and haven't slept more than 6 hours a night because of pain. I've seen 38 healthcare providers including massage therapists on a weekly basis for a year only to be told by all I would have to learn to live with pain. 4 hours with you and I left in a euphoric state of unbelief, headache free and slept 9.5 hours that night. Thank you!

Scott Stewart

(Midvale, UT)

3 hours in a massage room with you was the most awe amazing time of my life!

I'm selling my Massage Envy membership.

No one can compare, you're the best!




(Stuttgart, Germany)

This is more relaxed than I've been in YEARS - thanks for fixing me up

& for explaining so many good tips on keeping my muscles in line!

Seriously - you're the best

massage therapist I've ever been

to hands down!!


(Heber City, UT)

After my stroke I was told I would remain cross eyed and my vision would not recover. I came to you with a shoulder injury of which you helped significantly but you then did Cranial Sacral therapy and 2 hours after I left you my eyes uncrossed and my vision has had miraculous healing ever since. What I love most about you is that you genuinely care about people.

Ron Williams,

President of ForeverGreen

(St. George, UT)

I've had massage all over the world. On a scale from 1 to 10, your massages are a 10. You are the best massage in the world.


It's been a year since your energy healing which improved my confidence to this day.  I'm a happier more outgoing person than ever before.  Best of all my daughter also did a session with you and has stopped drinking and has moved forward in life in so many positive ways.

Cade Orvin

Great Massage!

Super friendly and very experienced. -Went deep enough which is rare.

She is a pro.

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